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Jumat, 06 April 2012


Jumat, 06 April 2012

TAKE A LITTLE MEANING OF FRIENDS ANTGreetings friends waged your expression, warm greetings from penulis.Sahat bloggers on this occasion I will write about the little ant, let's look for tau.blogger friends must know the annoying behavior of the ants, "PROVERB IF THERE IS NO SUGAR ANTS" where kta was definitely find these rogue ant kitchen, under the seat, for some people they need to fight hard to eradicate it there is a pakek semut2 insecticides, to by spraying the oil lamp. if we carefully consider the fact that ants are not too small and his face grim.Behold, O what a blogger friend with her mini ants they worked together to lift the burden that weighs more than 60x badanya weight, without the tireless work and continue to work, should look up to us as human beings at times to put forward the ego, our social awareness in people still a long way compared to other ants, especially in urban areas where I live, yes ... yes ... yes ... pa may I say this not all happen at any place, there must be people who still care about each other. So what are the lessons of this ant
companions, that the ant is a good example of a command system that has a high discipline and a totality of the struggle.Hard to believe indeed that of the ant's head not the little finger for us but how disciplined they are very high, a very QUEEN also influence here is to obey the queen ant, they work according to job-a job that they have acquired is never jealous of the words others worked and worked for generations and their groups. Then what about us, like a TV show that I was tough on us if you do not watch commander wants his own would not discipline and maen-maen ..... in the news I have a new clay road ambles 2 days repaired again, well here's the thought TOO INTELLIGENT man <<<< >>>> but again I say that like it not found in all individuals depends on each individual.Blogger friend's little ant pelajarn of our friend, it turns out what is around us we can take the wisdom and learning, as human beings we should be thankful and continue to learn ..... hai pal do not be discouraged hatidulu less than an ant, we are still more advantages we live and pergunaakan manfaati maximum possible and as wise as possible of course and for the good as well ..What's in the article above may be useful for me and a friend of a blogger who had the opportunity to read it ............ >>>>>> please leave a message if you are interested and have sidikit protest for my writing, Request may also be discussed pa want ....I shall see in subsequent discussion .........

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